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willow faith kirsch hart

eclectic multi-media artist

i’ve been a lifelong artist, working in many media throughout the years, with but in recent years pottery has become my main focus. a challenge for me as an artist is that i have aphantasia, meaning i don’t have a mind's eye, or “no brain pictures.” while this can be frustrating, it also allows me to approach my artwork with an open mind. i am able to be present in each step of the process with less expectations of the final outcome. 


my soul feels nourished when i create beautiful things, both in and out of the studio. i am an eclectic artist who brings radiance not just to my physical creations, but also to my community. i am passionate about bettering the world, working at the grassroots level, and art is a powerful tool in that mission. i am the executive director of the non-profit Artists for Impact 501c3, which brings together artists to support our community, connect, and heal through the power of art.

i founded the first artists for impact collegiate chapter at eckerd, and the st. petersburg chapter. we are always looking for passionate people to join our team, reach out if you want to get involved!


portrait by justin l'heureux

contact me at or by messaging me on instagram

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