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willow faith hart

multi-media artist from new york

i’ve been an artist my whole life and started doing pottery in high school. i immediately fell in love with the wheel and ache to throw when i’m away from it. over the past few years i’ve learned to work with the clay, and all the pieces i create are collaborations between myself and the clay body i am working with at the time. something interesting about me as an artist is that i have aphantasia. this means i don’t have “a mind's eye” or as i like to say “no brain pictures.” this makes it hard for me to imagine in my head what i want to create, because i don’t “see” any pictures in my head. i didn’t even know that people did have brain pictures until very recently, and it’s been something i’ve had a hard time grappling with. despite this, i continue to create art because it makes me feel good to make beautiful things. i am passionate about mutual aid and helping my community, so 50% of profits from my art are redistributed to individuals in need or to mutual aid funds. thank you for helping me be able to do this. 

i am a board member of artists for impact (501c3), and founder of the first collegiate chapter at eckerd, and the artists for impact st. petersburg chapter. we are always looking for passionate people to join our team, email me if you want to get involved!


portrait by justin l'heureux

contact me at or by messaging me on instagram

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